Managed Care

Patient Resources

How to make a Primary Care Physician (PCP) Change

  • Notify the Patient Advocates in person at their front desk location or by calling them directly at (210)921-3829
  • Notify the staff at the registration desk when you check in
  • Call the Focus Line for Seniors and ask them to make this change for you (210)921-6677
  • Call the main number (210)921-3800 and notify the Patient Services Representative that you would like to change your PCP and they will assist or redirect you

How to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Provider

  • You can request the referral at your next office by discussing the request with your PCP
  • Call (210)921-3800 and let the Patient Services Representative know that you are calling to request a new PCP. They will transfer your call or notify your PCP of your request.

Find a Gonzaba Medical Group Contracted Specialist

GMG Preferred Provider Directory

Provider Resources

How to Find a Gonzaba Medical Group Contracted Specialist

To find a Gonzaba Medical Group Specialist and obtain UM Criteria please call (210)921-3801.
Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Patient’s name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • The service description
  • The date of the service or date of the request for service

You can request that the criteria be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.


Notice for all patient Managed Care Providers/ Practitioners
& Employees who make UM decisions

Gonzaba Medical Group affirms the following:

  • UM decision making is based only on appropriateness of care and service and existence of coverage
  • The organization does not specifically reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage
  • Financial incentives for UM decision makers to not encourage decisions that result in underutilization

Impartiality Satement – Practitioners / Providers

Gonzaba Medical Group makes this Impartiality Statement that practitioners are ensured independence and impartiality in making referral decisions with no impact on:

  1.  Hiring
  2.  Compensation
  3.  Termination
  4.  Promotion
  5.  Any other similar matters