How to Improve Your Health During COVID-19

Tips for Mental Health and Finding Cheer During Covid-19

Gonzaba Medical Group believes that group therapy / counseling can be a powerful and valuable venue for healing and growth. It is our desire that you reap all the benefits group therapy has to offer. To help this occur, groups are structured to include the following elements:

  • A safe environment in which you are able to feel respected and valued as a member
  • An understanding of group goals and group norms that all members must adhere to
  • Investment by both your facilitator and members to produce a consistent group experience

A safe environment is created and maintained by both the facilitator(s) of a group and its members. Primary ingredients are mutual respect and a chance to create trust. Another primary ingredient for a safe environment has to do with confidentiality. Your group facilitator(s) are bound by law to maintain confidentiality, as group members are bound by honor to keep what is said in the group in the group. We realize that you may want to share what you are learning about yourself in group with a significant other. This is fine if you remember not to talk about how events unfold in group or in any other way compromise the confidentiality of other group members.

Upcoming Virtual Classes

Gonzaba Medical Group is starting a new series of virtual classes – How to improve Your Health in Times of COVID-19.

The virtual classes help patients deal with the day-to-day challenges of living during times of COVID-19. They are held online every Thursday at 10 AM. The virtual classes are designed to increase your awareness of the mind-body connection.

Virtual Classes

Stress and Our Immune System // Thurs., Feb. 18 // 10 AM

The impact of that stress plays in the immune system

  • How chronic stress impacts our bodies
  • The stress hormones
  • The fight or flight response
  • The relationship between stress and the immune system
  • Best practices to decrease stress

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The Power of our Mind // Thurs., Feb. 25 // 10 AM

Best practices of mindfulness and general wellbeing

  • The relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy principles
  • Cognitive errors
  • Application to CBT techniques in our daily life
  • How to improve the quality of our thoughts

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Health Habits, Healthy Life // Thurs., Mar. 4 // 10 AM

The importance of self-care such as healthy habits and healthy coping skills

  • The importance of self care/ self management
  • The science of nutrition and exercise
  • How to improve our sleep
  • The benefits of daily relaxation practices
  • Positive thinking

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Improving Emotional Resilience // Thurs., Mar. 11 // 10 AM

Improve our ability to bounce back from adverse circumstance

  • Foundations of emotion
  • Building emotional regulation
  • Core values and psychological flexibility
  • Adaptive and maladaptive coping with negative events
  • The sailboat metaphor

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Mindfulness and Health // Thurs., Mar. 18 // 10 AM

Connect to the present moment in order to reduce stress and anxiety

  • The art of being fully present
  • Intention, attention, and attitude
  • Using positive neuroplasticity
  • Self awareness
  • Mindfulness base training program

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Joy and Happiness // Thurs., Mar. 25 // 10 AM

What make people experiencing Joy and Happiness

  • Positive psychology
  • The science of happiness
  • Self-acceptance, and self-compassion
  • The power of forgiveness
  • The nature of true joy

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Virtual Meetings are experienced by utilizing RingCentral® powered by ZOOM. If you are experience issues with connecting please see the FAQs below.

Your Facilitator

Dr. PizanaLourdes Pizaña, Ph.D., L.P.C

  • Worked in the mental health field for 25 years as a clinician
  • Is also a Chronic pain patient
  • Is a former pain patient of the Mayo Clinic Chronic Pain Program
  • Integrated the Mayo Clinic Principals as a part of this program

What is RingCentral®?

Access to the Virtual Meetings

Ring Central

Gonzaba Medical Group uses RingCentral® (Powered by ZOOM) to connect you virtually to our online classes. It is an easy application to use. You will NOT need to download any application or software to join on online classes.

RingCentral®, allows you to connect easily to Gonzaba Medical Group services, classes and other services. RingCentral® is an intuitive and easy application to use.  

As a guest, patient and user, you will NOT need to download any application or software to join on online classes. 

Having trouble viewing the class?

If you are having issues connecting to the online class, below are a few troubleshooting tips.

If you are still have trouble, please call (210) 460-6123 for assistance or email

Q: What type of device do I need to join the class?
A: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android devices (opens in a browser). iPhone Users – The Ring Central app will need to be downloaded.

Q: How do I log in to the class?
A: Click on link below

Q: How do I get help with technical Issues?
A: Call (210) 460-6123 to speak to a patient services representative for troubleshooting.

Q:  Is there a fee for the classes?
A: No, the classes are free.

Q:  Do I have to make an appointment to attend the session?
A: No appointment is needed.

Q: Do you have to be a patient of Gonzaba Medical Group to participate?
A: No, the classes are open to everyone.

Q: Who is hosting the class?
A: Dr. Lourdes Pizaña PH.D., LPC. She specializes in Mental Health.

Q: Are we able to interact with others and ask questions?
A: You will be able to ask Dr. Pizaña questions directly using the webinar chat option. Unfortunately, due to the number of participants interaction with others is not an option.

Q:  How often do these classes take place?
A:  Classes are from 10 am-11:15 am every Thursday.

Q:  Is the class in person or live online?
A:  The class is virtual, online.

Q:  Can I invite family and friends?
A: Yes! We encourage you to invite family & friends.

Q:  How do I know if this class is right for me and my medical needs?
A: Dr. Pizana is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and providing these sessions for educational purposes.

Q: Do I need a Facebook account to access the classes?
A: You do not need Facebook to attend the virtual class. Click the link below to join the class

I would like to Join the classes

Want to join? At Gonzaba Medical Group, we are always looking to add to the family. We believe group classes will be beneficial for your everyday lifestyle. If you would like more information and be added to our classes, please fill the form below so that we can send you all the needed information.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Informed Consent/Release: You consent and authorize the facilitator(s) of the group to release or share information about your progress with Gonzaba Medical Group (GMG) and/or your individual physician. This is a safeguard for you, since it allows consultation between your facilitator(s) and your individual physician, should the need arise. This also provides you with extra support should a difficult issue come up in group that may need more individual attention.

Confidentiality agreement: You have the right to confidentiality and privacy by the group facilitator(s) and other group members. Confidentiality within the group setting is a shared responsibility of all members and facilitator(s). While group facilitator(s) may not disclose any patient communications or information except as provided by law, group members’ communications are not protected. As such, confidentiality within the group setting is often based on mutual trust and respect. GMG and your facilitator(s) adhere to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines of confidentiality established by professional organizations and state law. Legal and ethical exceptions to confidentiality include: a clear or present danger to harm yourself or another, knowledge of the abuse or neglect of a minor child or incapacitated adult, or responses to a court subpoena or as otherwise required by law.

I have read carefully and understand the Group Agreements and that I agree to its terms and conditions. I have asked and had answered any questions I have concerning these Group Agreements and am aware that signing the Agreement is required for my admission to the group. I am also aware that my refusal to sign this Agreement will exclude me from participating in the group.